Who Is Greener Roofing Solution?

We are much more than just a roof rejuvenation company. Locally owned Greener Roofing Solution is the new breed of sustainable roofers, we are dedicated to keeping your roof out of the landfill and more money in your pocket. 

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Our Product?

Greener Roofing Solution® uses a scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based, USDA Certified roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was reviewed and approved by PRI Ashpalt Technologies, the world’s largest private research and development companies.

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How Does It Work?

Our treatment consist of a revolutionary award-winning technology which allows millions of micro-beads of all-natural oil to penetrate your old brittle roof. This process restores your roof’s flexibility, retain granular loss and waterproofing protection preserving the life of your roof.

Treatments come with a five-year transferrable warranty. Repeating treatments every five years can extend your roof’s life by up to fifteen years.

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A Detailed Assessment

Greener Roofing Solution provides a comprehensive report on your roofs condition. This report will tell you if your roof will benefit from Greener Roofing Solution. 

Maintenance to Your Roof

Before treating, our qualified Roof Contractor will perform a tune-up of your entire roofing system, with focus on nail pops and flashings, the most leak-prone areas of your roof.

    Apply Greener Roofing Solution Treatment

The application is quick, clean and 100% safe, typically taking less than two hours. Your roof’s flexibility, reduction to granular loss and waterproofing protection returns within 72 hours.